Meet the Founders 


The founders of the Money Coaching Academy are husband and wife team Mohammed and Fairien Azeem. After successfully running an award winning mortgage brokering and financial adviser business for over 20 years they have now expanded their business with the Money Coaching Academy.

With a love for spreading financial education and assisting people achieve financial success they are now on a mission to create a global movement to increase financial literacy to support people to live abundant lives.

Money Coaching Academy Founder Fairien Azeem

Fairien Azeem 


Hi I’m Fairien,

I love to teach Money and Business, and that’s why I created the Money Coaching Academy. As a financial adviser I think the financial advice system has been made complicated and difficult by rules and regulations. Financial advice is needed however not everyone needs a full holistic plan to create wealth. Some people just need help with their money mindset, taught skills in budgeting and guidance in setting and achieving their financial goals. This is were as a money coach you can help people create a healthy relationship with money. Over the years I have helped 1000’s of people achieve the financial goals and now we have packaged all these learnings plus guidance to build a business into a program to help you be a successful money coach and create a profitable business.


Connect with Fairien

To enquire about Fairien speaking at your next event, or for general inquiries, please email [email protected]

Money and Business Conversations Podcast 


Build a business and life you love. 

The place to be empowered, inspired and become confident in mastering all things money and business, with woo and substance. Join me and learn practical skills and strategies to slay your money fears, change your money story, earn your dream income and build a business and life you love.

As a Financial Educator, Wealth Strategist, Business Coach and The Queen of my empire, I bring over 21 years of experience in building a business and a life I love. 

This podcast is about bringing you the best information, tips and tricks, whilst showing you how you can create the life of your dreams and build the empire you deserve. 

Money and Business Converstaions Podcast