Money Coach Training

12 Week Signature Program

Become a certified money coach.

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Core Modules

1. Business Roadmap

Learn how to run a profitable coaching business through branding, marketing, sales strategy and more.

2. Successful Coach System

Develop the essential principles, techniques and strategies to be an effective coach.

3. Financial Foundations Framework

Learn how to teach the core financial concepts to enable your clients to transform their money story.


Ever wanted to become a Money Coach?


Maybe you are Money Coach but need some guidance?


Are you in the financial services industry looking to diversify as a Money Coach?


Or do you have fantastic money skills and want to learn how to teach, but don't know where to start?



MCA’s signature 12 week program is designed to give you the skills, clarity and confidence to launch or diversify your business.

Teaching you a practical, tried, and tested framework. With the complete roadmap to running a professional, practical and profitable Money Coaching business. Helping you master financial concepts, refine your coaching skills, and gain business expertise all within a safe community of like minded entrepreneurs.

At the Money Coaching Academy, we don't just focus on the financial framework, the theories, or coaching skills. We also take a deep dive into looking at the whole business, from marketing, sales, strategy, and more. This is what sets us apart from other Money Coach programs and enables us to develop highly accomplished Certified Money Coaches.

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Training skilled Money Coaches to help change the financial literacy of the world.

The complete done for you system

Your money coaching business out of a box.

Our exclusive MCA Vault provides you with all the worksheets, resources, tools, spreadsheets, slides, and more to assist you building a profitable, practical and professional Money Coaching business. With our done for you program, we give you everything we have created and used in our business as a model so you can personalise, tweak and recreate it to suit your own business and clients needs.

Inside the Money Coach Certification course, we teach you the concepts, show you what has worked for us by modeling how we use them in our business and lastly guide you in applying these concepts to your own business.

Core Modules 

Business Roadmap

Learn how to run a profitable coaching business through branding, marketing, sales, strategy and more.

Successful Coach System

Develop the essential principles, techniques and strategies to coaching mastery.

Financial Foundations Framework

Gain a solid foundation of the core financial concepts and how to help others achieve financial freedom.

Money Coaching Academy Course
Download the Course Outline

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Who it is for:

  • New and Established Money Coaches
  • Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants looking to diversify their business
  • Life Coaches, Business Coaches looking for a money specialisation 
  • People who want to learn the skills to run a profitable & professional Money Coaching business
  • People open to learning and growth

Who it is NOT for:

  • Anyone with a closed mindset
  • People who are not coachable and don't like to try new things
  • People looking for a get rich quick system
  • Anyone who does not like working with people
  • Anyone, who does not like money
  • People who are not willing to put in the effort

What's Included

Weekly Live Lessons

Video Library

Interactive Workbook

MCA Vault

Certification Program 

Lifetime Access

Let's Break It Down

EVERYTHING you will cover inside the course to become a Certified Money Coach.

Business Roadmap

  • Business Strategy
  • Branding 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 

Successful Coach System

  • Coaching Principles 1
  • Coaching Principles 2
  • Financial Goal Manifestation

Financial Foundations Framework

  • Money Mindset
  • Cashflow 
  • Debt Reduction
  • Financial Goal Setting

Pricing Options

Join now and become a Certified Money Coach in 12 Weeks.

12 Monthly Payments


Plus $500 deposit

3 Monthly Payments


Plus $500 deposit

Pay in Full


Includes Deposit


When you Graduate from the Money Coaching Academy

Meet Your Instructor

Hi I'm Fairien, 

I'm so excited that you are interested in being a money coach. I have always found it so rewarding and fulfilling teaching people all about money and seeing them make positive changes in their life. My favourite part is when you teach them a concept they have been struggling with and its finally makes sense to them and you see their eyes light up.

I can't wait to see you as part of our weekly live sessions.

Money Coaching Academy Instructor Fairien Azeem

What our students are saying...


"Fairien has guided me with warmth and genuine connection. Under her mentorship, I have been able to grow my opportunities and my business."


"Dealing with Fairien was such a pleasurable experience. Her coaching sessions were very in-depth." 


"I love seeing what group members are doing and achieving. I love the tools and I really appreciate Fairien's ongoing encouragement and support throughout."

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