Our Story

We are on a mission to create financial awareness and increase the financial literacy of the world, one Money Coach at a time.

Money Coaching Academy


The Money Coaching Academy was created to help people who want to teach money and spread financial literacy, develop their coaching skills, create a profitable business and be part of a like minded community.

We believe that money allows choices and empowering more people to understand their cashflow and learn good money behaviours will reduce the financial literacy gap in the world.

We want to change the world by giving money coaches the confidence to attract more clients,  build their business and spread their love of money.

Developing the money coaches of tomorrow.

Our Values

We want our community to feel that they are succeeding in what they do. We're here to support them fully and bring their goals to life/make a reality.

Money Coaching Academy Values
Money Coaching Academy Values

We believe that confidence is contagious and that how we show up brings confidence to our clients and community.

Our purpose is to close the financial literacy gap to support people to live abundant lives. We believe that happiness is the end goal to purpose and together happiness and purpose you can create a fulfilled life. 

Money Coaching Academy Values
Money Coaching Academy Values

We believe in providing comprehensive training to ensure that our coaches are able to operate with integrity as they support individuals to create a healthy relationship with money and achieve financial abundance.

We believe that wealth empowers individuals to create abundant lives that give them choices to make confident financial decisions.

Money Coaching Academy Values
Money Coaching Academy Values

In everything we do, we're mindful of bringing more kindness to the world. Empathy and understanding are at the center of our business.

Money Coaching Academy Vision
Money Coaching Academy Mission

How can we help you?

We’ve bottled everything Founder - Fairien Azeem has learnt, taught and practiced over the last 20 + years in helping thousands of clients, business owners and entrepreneurs into a Money Coach Training Course. Designed to empower you to with the skills, techniques and formalised accreditation to build a professional, profitable and practical Money Coaching business.

MCA provides you will have everything you need to drive your business forward, elevate or build a new business.

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