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Money Coaching Academy trains and certifies you to become an Accredited Money Coach™. Providing you with the complete roadmap for you to launch your business or elevate your existing business.


Money Coaches have the power to create change by empowering others with financial knowledge.


To create a global movement to increase financial literacy to support people to live abundant lives.


To train skilled money coaches to assist people to create a healthy relationship with money so they can achieve financial freedom.

Money Coaching Academy
Money Coaching Academy What is a money coach?

What is a money coach?

Also known as a financial coach. A money coach is an individual who loves to help others achieve their financial goals. 

They teach people financial skills and how to understand money, to be able to improve their financial knowledge.

A money coach helps people work through their blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that are stopping them from living their best financial life. 

They ultimately help individuals make informed financial choices, using coaching techniques guiding them with proven strategies and techniques.


Have you been thinking about becoming a money coach?

Want to teach money?

Looking to launch your new business?

Want to elevate your existing financial services business?


Look no further... the Money Coaching Academy is the leading money coach training program for anyone seeking to start, diversify, or run a successful money coaching business.

We teach you how to teach money.

Money Coaching Academy provides the complete roadmap and accreditation for running a professional, practical and profitable money coaching business.

Our signature program "Money Coach Training", is delivered as a virtual course with both live and recorded lessons. Teaching you the skills to become an effective money coach and efficiently run a money coaching business.  It is also the core training component to be an "Accredited Money Coach™".

Our tried and tested programs are designed to assist you in building your skills to be a proficient Money Coach, whilst our ongoing programs are designed to assist you in continually elevating your business.

We provide you with a full done for you system to launch your money coaching business.


Meet Fairien,

Founder & CEO of Money Coaching Academy


Fairien Azeem is a multi-award-winning financial professional who brings money substance, experience and sophistication with the woo in a down-to-earth, fun and fabulous way.

Fairien is a Money Coaching Mentor with over 20 years' financial services experience. She works with aspiring money coaches & financial professionals in the Money Coaching Academy. Her vision is to create a global movement and increase financial literacy to support people to live abundant lives. 

Fairien believes in living an extraordinary life where you can achieve financial success, attract money into your life and achieve your financial goals. If you're ready to be a part of the change to close the financial gap and spread financial literacy to all corners of the globe, then she's the woman to help you achieve that. 

Money Coaching Academy Founder Fairien Azeem

Money Coach Training

12 Week Program


Our signature course is the core training component to become an Accredited Money Coach™. Consisting of 3 modules covering business skills, coaching frameworks and financial concepts. Teaching you the skills and strategies to become a successful money coach and build a profitable business.

Over 12 weeks of lessons run virtually with both live and recorded content, you will learn how to attract your ideal client, master financial concepts, learn coaching techniques and acquire the skills to launch a successful money coaching business.

On completion of this program, you will have developed the skills to able to help clients, create a healthy relationship with money. Teaching them how to manage their cashflow, develop budgets, reduce debts, set and achieve their financial goals.

  At the Money Coaching Academy, we don't just focus on one component. We take a deep dive and teach you how to build a holistic Money Coaching business, incorporating business strategy, marketing, sales, branding, effective coaching skills and financial foundations, plus more. This is what sets us apart from other money coach programs and enables us to develop highly accomplished accredited money coaches.

Core Modules

The program is broken into 3 core learning areas, to give you the skills to be a successful money coach and build a profitable business. With over 70 + interactive video lessons, plus live weekly coaching and more.

Business Roadmap

Learn how to run a profitable coaching business through branding, marketing, sales strategy and more.

Successful Coach System

Develop the essential principles, techniques and strategies to be an effective coach.

Financial Foundations Framework

Learn how to teach the core financial concepts to enable your clients to transform their money story.

Money Coaching Academy Course

When you Graduate from the Money Coaching Academy

Money Coaching Academy

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Ongoing Business Success


As an Accredited Money Coach™, with the Money Coaching Academy, you have the ability to access ongoing business coaching programs to assist you in enhancing and scaling your business. Allowing you to further develop your skills as a Money Coach and entrepreneur.


Having completed your MCA accreditation, being part of the Lab allows you to continue to grow your business at your own pace, with ongoing training.

As part of the Collective, a group coaching program grow your business with other like minded money coaches and financial service professionals.

Be part of our Inner Circle Mastermind. As part of this program, you are ready to elevate your business and create change in the world.

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What our students have to say..


"Fairien has guided me with warmth and genuine connection. Under her mentorship, I have been able to grow my opportunities and my business."


"Dealing with Fairien was such a pleasurable experience. Her coaching sessions were very in-depth." 


"I love seeing what group members are doing and achieving. I love the tools and I really appreciate Fairien's ongoing encouragement and support throughout."

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